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Approval Amount

Your SmartPay approval amount is the maximum cost of electronics (including tax) that you can lease. Depending on your personal , your lease approval amount is between $300-$1500.

Upfront Amount

When you check out (online or in a retail store), you may need to pay an upfront amount with a debit card to initiate your lease. The upfront amount is between 0-25% of the total cost of the electronics you want to lease.

Payment Plan Amount & Length

You make scheduled payments each month for the length of your payment plan (anywhere between 6-24 months) to lease your items.

Early Payoff Option

You can pay off your lease at anytime to own your items early* and save on total fees paid.

* You can not own leased items in NJ, MN, WI, WY. Instead you can cancel your lease at the end of the term, or you can renew at a lower cost.

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Apply to get a lease up to $1500 with your

  • Email address
  • Name and home address
  • Mobile number
  • Social Security Number
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  • Shop up to your approved lease amount
  • Make your first lease payment at time of checkout
  • Enter the debit card from your bank account (prepaid and credit cards not accepted)

At any of our 1,000’s of retail and web locations nationwide.

We partner with mobile phone providers and electronic retailers so you can lease all of the latest devices.

You can lease durable goods, such as electronics (smartphones, televisions, laptops, monitors, printers, video games, wearables, speakers, and accessories).
No. Your order amount must be equal to or less than your lease approval amount.
Yes, we use credit reporting agencies to verify your personal and financial information. This type of verification may appear as an inquiry on your credit report. Therefore, it's important to be as accurate as possible when completing the SmartPay application.
No. You can only use your own personal and financial information to apply for a SmartPay lease. Also, the personal information on your application must match the name on your debit card.